What will your educational institution gain?

  • Attract and Retain Staff

    Access new pools of diverse talent to propel your educational institution forwards while saving time and money and retain your current staff with a culture to be proud of.

  • Impress Regulators

    Undertake Action Led Learning built with the support of a former Ofsted inspector that takes you offline and gets you collaborating on fun and engaging activities.

  • Benefit Staff and Learners

    Learners and staff will see immediate benefits from ABMA Impact, helping your educational institution set new ambitious objectives that everyone will buy into.

The Package

All these sessions make up ABMA Impact

How ABMA Skills Helped London Park School

"If a couple of my Teaching Assistants were to leave, it would cause massive challenges. ABMA Impact gives me the confidence I am doing all I can to support my staff’s wellbeing by creating a great place to work."